Micro Business Monday™


The lemonade stand is the proverbial hallmark of entrepreneurship. But it is more than just summertime Americana and youthful nostalgia. Lemonade stands, through pop culture, have become iconic for micro and small business – and to some extent inspired the concept of the lean startup.

While the journey of the business owner can bitter and sweet, the contributions of entrepreneurs to society are profound. The SBA reported 28.8 million small businesses in 2013 – around half of which are home-based businesses. And they accounted for the creation of nearly 63.3% net new jobs.*

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At the heart of every entrepreneur is their drive to make life a little easier for the rest of us. They are the changemakers, innovators, dreamers, and pioneers that inspire and create. At any point in time, across the world, a person discovers an opportunity and manifests that one thing into something special. They discover the lemonade stand in their own community and produce something from nothing, just like magic.

If you’re an entrepreneur we want to hear from you! Join us as we support micro-business and share your journey.