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Small Business Lending with R.I.S.E.

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R.I.S.E. Financial Pathways works with a membership of banks and private institutional firms that specialize in providing both loans (for financing inventory, acquiring fixed assets, leasehold improvements, working capital, & other) and equity for public and private companies. Our financial products are different than what is typically offered by traditional financial institutions. We do not base our decision to fund a business exclusively on credit scores or collateral value, but rather on the entire profile of the business and its principals. We differ from other sources of debt and equity financing providers by taking a fundamentally separate approach to building long-term relationships.

If you are an established small business looking for financing, we can help.

What is the organization’s funding range?

We typically fund businesses in the $30,000 to $250,000+ range.

Who is eligible?

  • If you are a business that can produce three months recent business bank account statements demonstrating revenue of at least $8,000 per month on average, regardless of credit score, please submit this one-page application to After a quick, no-fee, Due Diligence review, we are able to provide an offer within 24 hours.
  • If you are a business located in Los Angeles County operating for more than 3 years and that are unable to secure financing through conventional means, but 1.) Are profitable, 2.) Under consistent management for 3 years, and 3.) Operate (at least 51%) in low-to-moderate income areas or employ individuals from these areas, please download and mail a copy of this business loan application to:
    • R.I.S.E. Financial Pathways – Attention: Loan Department – 4060 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA90037
    • Applicants must meet with a loan officer, submit a completed loan application and secure approval from our loan committee.

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