Small Business Programs + Lending

The organization provides commercial lending opportunities– including microloans, peer lending, and small business loans – along with business training, asset development programs, and banking programs. R.I.S.E. Financial Pathways has served nearly 100,000 low-income clients since its inception in 1992.  Its programs have resulted in nearly $14 million in economic activity and the retention and creation of thousands of jobs. The transformative power of R.I.S.E.’s services – combined with its clients’ enterprise and hard work – improves the financial standing of individuals, launches and sustains small businesses, and generates economic activity that strengthens entire neighborhoods.

R.I.S.E. targets low to moderate-income residents and businesses in economically distressed urban communities.  In total, the County covers a territory of 500 square miles and is home to over 9,600,000 residents.  The largest metropolitan region in the United States, Los Angeles County contains approximately 88 cities, making it the single most populous local government entity.  Metropolitan Los Angeles continues to grow in ethnic diversity – with one-third of Angelinos born outside of the United States.  Today, Los Angeles is home to 4.2 million Latinos, 1.1 million Asians, and nearly 1 million African Americans.   As the metropolitan area is rapidly diversifying, it is becoming characterized as a series of ethnic enclaves.

Find additional resources to help your small business succeed by checking the Small Business Administration.



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